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  • Doc

    There is no mention of how to contact the show via text on the mix 104.1 website: if there is it is not easily found. As I am sure most commenting would be done in the morning during the talk show it probably has most effect there. This problem should be fixed.

    Docta, the great man pannel contributor with “particular talents” (your words, not mine LoL)

    Tell my man Steve, and of course K&K I am sorry I have not called in to contribute for about 10 months but my schedule change had prevented me from listening for a while. But I am back for tale end of show.

  • lisa hill

    help you played a song this morning right after cant beat kenedy the group is called “rusty” something or other what is the exact song and band name
    carson hadnt heard of it before i really liked it and want to buy it could you please help this every morning listener i listen between 5:30 and 6 each day thanks lisa

    • Karson & Kennedy: Karson

      rusted root song is called send me on my way

  • Derek Doo

    Karson & Kennedy-
    We wanted to thank you again for all you have done over the last two days for Children’s hospital!!! We just heard Justin’s story eating breakfast right before school, great timing!! We are planning on coming in after school today. Justin is so grateful for all you do.
    Thanks again

    The Doo Family

  • Cheryl

    OMG You guys SUCK!!!! That was so upsetting! a little funny now I have to admit, can’t believe I fell for it! – OMG but I have to tell you I am glad its a joke, but not surprised for it to be real, we are in taxachusetts afterall! But that would really hurt the folks that lost there jobs and so many pets are in shelters now. :-( Glad its a joke! YOU GOT ME GOOD! Although, I have a fish (you got to be kidding me), 2 chi chis one 4 lbs and one 7 lbs, and a cat 7 lbs So it wouldn’t really be too bad for me. Im send my stress bill to you! he he! Real Funny! I love you guys! APRIL FOOLS!!! Love it!

  • CA

    Totally fell for the April Fool’s joke this morning. Called my husband ranting and raving about how ridiculous it was and that he had to check it out for me. You guys rock!

  • Dave

    Nice April Fools!
    My drive into work I was getting pissed as I though about the pet taxes, until I had to change my calander.
    I shows you how out of control our goverment is when people think this could be a real tax.
    Thanks for the high blood pressure!

    Dave C.

  • Nancy Parker

    That’s a good one,,,,,you really had me going…I was about the call Mr. Patrick and ask if he wanted to have my first born, cause he has all my blood.

  • BCF

    PET TAX – is this some sort of Aprils fool joke?

  • Patty

    Is this pet tax thing an April fools jole??

  • Pat

    OMG! You really got us good! I was doing some serious talking to the radio on my way to work. Then I went to the website and boy was I relieved!

  • Erin

    Great April Fools joke…you had me calling everyone we know!

  • Jeremy-Worcester ,MA

    What an awesome April folls joke! I knew it was a joke from the get go. People are so ticked off! I am loving it! Nice job! lol

  • Kim

    Good one!!

    That April fools joke was good.. got me!!

    Rock On!

  • Lisa

    Well played April Fool’s.. You completely got me!

  • no name

    It was so sad in my office this morning listening to people trying to make arrangements for money or to take their beloved pets to the MSPCA. It was also sad to think we believe out government is capable of such an act……
    Honestly – when I saw how upset so many people were this morning – it wasn’t a funny joke at all..shame on you

  • Jim

    I always wanted to get on the radio – I finally did ! Oh yeah it was as a fool on April Fools !! You guys got me good. Nice job – good laugh !!!!!

  • Melissa

    FYI Sweet Caroline is played in the middle of the 8th inning, not during the 7th inning stretch…

  • megan


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  • Deb Boyle

    I am totally appalled to hear that people have stooped to the level of rudeness and unethical behavior over a parking position!!!!! This is exactly why we cannot coexist because we all think that if something does not go our way we can swear and whine and do whatever we want with no consequences! Real classy! So today if someone does something that II don’t think is appropriate I can just tell them to F!#@ off.I don’t think so! Grow up and learn to behave and handle situations with class and manners!He should be FIRED!

  • K

    The sales executive is at fault. Why should the intern go in and find who’s car it is, if the sales chick couldn’t take the time to re-adjust her car? She is at fault. Lighten up.

  • Jules

    Hi, I couldn’t get through on the phone and wanted to share my opinion regarding the parking / note situation.

    First I’d like to say that “both” parties involved are at fault…

    1) the “executive” who was late should be setting an example to others by taking 15 extra seconds the back up and pull back in to her spot appropriately. If your late, your late and 15 add’l seconds isn’t going to change that! BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS!!! It Doesn’t matter if your upper mgmt, an intern or a visitor “Common Courtesy” is for Everyone!

    2) the “F” word in the note was VERY Inappropriate and unprofessional!!! Although, a note stating that “the parking could have been more considerate of other” would be professional. No one is above corrective criticism as long as it’s done politely and professionally.

    I feel that the Executive needs to apologize for being inconsiderate with her parking and IF she is actually lacking in parking skills, she should take a course to remedy that
    The 2 parties who left the note should apologize for leaving a note with the Inappropriate text and attend a class to address the matter.
    AND then:
    Kennedy, if you feel that the Intern still needs add’l punishment (which I don’t) or if he chooses not to attend the class, you can always grade him a little lower on his social skills.

    BUT I do not feel that letting him go is going to help anyone to learn or grow more professional.

    Jules :}
    Peace, Love and Happiness!!!

  • Tupp

    Hello K&K,
    The other day you were telling everyone about ordering flowers for Mother’s Day…..Who was the company???


    • Ben@ The Front Desk

      1-800-ProFlowers or! Don’t forget to mention Karson and Kennedy when ordering!

    • Karson & Kennedy: Karson

      Type KANDK into the box near the microphone to get the discount!

  • jenn

    Dear Kennedy, you have to be the most unhappy person that i ever heard on the radio we all cant stand you and wish you would leave the show your laugh is so fake and we hate whe you play cant beat kennedy its such an awful game thank you for always ruining my day let alicia host your spot i bet alot more peolpe would listen nobody cares about the tattoo on your finger im sure the guy wants to bite his off and why did you have to share with us how you PUKED over the weekend your nasty i feel bad for the guy gross please leave thank you

  • Karen

    Karson, I need some advice! I believe it was yesterday you mentioned that your mom had been married a few times. Well, I have a sister in law that will be getting married for the third time. Her last wedding was about 5 years ago in Florida. We all had to fly down, give a gift, etc. The weekend cost us over $1,000.

    This next wedding is the last weekend of August up by Saratoga Springs NY. Though we don’t have to fly, that is the BIGGEST race weekend in Saratoga, the Travers! Hotels require a 3 night minimum and even the cheap no-tell motels charge $250 a night. That’s another $1,000 weekend, plus food, plus gift, etc., etc., etc.

    So my question is #1 when can I stop giving gifts??? And better yet, #2, when can I say “sorry can’t make it”????

    Thank you for any advice you may have!!!

  • Jennifer Killer Imaging

    Man Kennedy you were right…high school pics! YOU NEED ME! LMFAO!

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