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“So, now I get to tell you about my friend and co-host Kennedy.

We met in North Carolina where Kennedy was a wage slave for “Tha Man” at a staffing service about ten years ago. Her degree in theater from Iowa’s Drake University was going to waste. So by night, Kennedy dazzled theater goers. Not that kind of theater, you perv. Theater, as in musicals that feature singing and dancing. Be sure to catch Kennedy singing the National Anthem at an arena/game near you. I think what I love the most about Kennedy is her independence and ability to show compassion in any situation plus she can probably beat me up.

Kennedy was married to “Caveman Stan” when we met but sadly they divorced and remain friends to this day. There was also “Bri-Bri” and an engagement that was called-off after a seven year relationship. Thankfully Kennedy has his initial tattooed on her finger, in case she ever forgets his name. Kennedy’s family have most of their roots in Chicago, Virginia and South Carolina and she has two cats that hate her, Stroker & Grey Cat.

Kennedy and I are a team that has been in morning drive together for about seven years. Our first show was in Tallahassee, Florida for a little over a year then we spent about five years in Memphis, Tennessee. We started here at Mix  on January 5th 2009.

Here are a few key topics to brush up on, if you ever find yourself in a conversation with Kennedy:

Reading – Loves The Smell of Books.

Motorcycles – Harley Girl.

Duran Duran – 80’s Lover.

Pop Culture Trivia – You Can’t Beat Kennedy”


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