Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Charged With Cocaine Possession & Intent to Deliver

Brooke Mueller has finally been charged with a felony after that December incident in which police found more than 4 grams of cocaine on the troubled actress.

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Mueller is charged with felony possession of cocaine with intent to deliver stemming from that December 2 arrest in Aspen, Colorado.

Apparently, the prosecutors gave themselves some wiggle room as far as the sentencing goes because Mueller was also charged with possessing LESS than 4 grams of cocaine, which carries a lighter penalty.

If convicted of possessing MORE than 4 grams, she faces up to 6 years in prison. If convicted of possessing LESS than 4 grams, she only faces 18 months.

Seeing as how she’s a first time offender probation seems like the more probable scenario.

Adding insult to injury (pun intended), Mueller has also been charged with assaulting an unnamed woman earlier that night which supposedly gave her minor injuries.

I guess Brooke went cuckoo after Charlie did last year. Either that or they were both nuts to begin with.


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