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Salt’s Backstage Interview with Matt Nathanson

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Photo: Andrew Celani/Mix1041.com

Photo: Andrew Celani/Mix1041.com

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listenlive listicle Salts Backstage Interview with Matt Nathanson

I had previously been exposed to Matt Nathanson only through his music but never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, let only have him take some time and talk with me. Let me just say that now, I am a HUGE fan on Matt Nathanson.

Matt is one of those entertainers that can write really powerful, soulful songs about love and loss and the ugly parts relationships but then when he gets on stage in front of a crowd, or even just chilling backstage before an event, has fun. The crowd definitely reponds.

I talked with him backstage about my ‘encounter’ with a listener as he left the stage after our Mix Lounge at the Hotel Indigo. He seemed overjoyed with why I thanked him for playing…and the interview just kind of snowballed from there into an improv sketch interview of sorts.

VIDEO: Salt Backstage with Matt Nathanson

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