Baby Boot Camp: Car Seat Installation

Gregg Daniels is having a baby – yet we quickly learned he has absolutely no clue what he’s doing. Fellow show members, Sue Brady and Fast Freddy have decided Gregg needs a little training before his first child is brought into the world.

Each week, Sue and Fred have a “lesson” for Gregg in what we’re terming here at “Baby Boot Camp.” The first installment – how to install a car seat in the car.

VIDEO 1: The Lesson – Car Seat

VIDEO 2: Gregg Tries To Do It

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Please don’t use this as a guide for your own life. In fact, if you’re installing a car seat for the first time, we recommend you stop by your local police station and have someone with true expertise make sure you’re doing it right.

Got tips for Gregg? Something he should learn? Ideas for a lesson in Baby Boot Camp? Leave them in the comments section below.

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