Gotye’s Not Dead But He’s Been Shazamed To Pieces

Gotye was incorrectly pronounced dead by a CNN iReport over the weekend.

At 4:32 AM EST on Sunday, July 1, it was reported that Gotye had shot himself in the head with a 9mm handgun. “He was pronounced dead at 4.45AM, and the investigation concluded that the cause of death was suicide. It was confirmed shortly after by family and friends. He was quickly taken to the Central Montmorency Hospital, but died from his injuries shortly after. His family has stated that they plan a closed funeral.”

He responded with some wit to the incorrect report, saying:

Not only is the “Somebody I Used To Know” songwriter not dead but, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the Aussie’s racked up a record-breaking number of tags on the music identification system known as Shazam. Just when you thought Gotye’s smash hit must have reached everyone on the planet, you’d have take into account the 11.5 million people who could not identify the track and used Shazam to find out what that song was. The Shazam service matches a user-submitted snippet or “tag” to one stored in its database to identify the song and sell it’s user the full length track.

Nearly a year after its release, the Gotye/Kimbra collaboration continues its domination of the charts, currently holding the #3 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. The video alone has amassed a staggering 270 million views.

-Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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