Can’t Beat Kennedy: July 13, 2012

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author-thumb-kk Karson & Kennedy
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listenlive listicle Cant Beat Kennedy: July 13, 2012

Kennedy vs. Sandra

1. Robert Pattinson has said he would love to play James Bond once he gets a little bit older. What movie made him a superstar?

2. McDonalds signed a deal to be the only provider of what fast food item for the Olympics?

3. The list of the biggest earning stars under 30 was dominated by female singers. What young man was the only one to crack the top 5?

4. Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol. What rap group did he join forces with to help re-launch the career of his band Aerosmith in 1986?

5. What former sitcom star provides the voice for Manny the Mammoth in the Ice Age franchise?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

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