WIC Nutrition Buzz: Staying Hydrated in the Heat


karsonheadshot WIC Nutrition Buzz: Staying Hydrated in the Heat

Here’s Karson from Karson and Kennedy in the morning to share his story about the WIC Nutrition Program:

Although reminding you to stay hydrated may sound like a no-brainer, over 300 Americans die each year due to heat-related illnesses.  Most of these deaths are preventable and it starts with talking about the realities of dehydration.

During these warm summer months, a lot of your physical activity is most likely taking place outdoors.  Although exercising outdoors has many benefits such as burning calories as well as the absorption of sunshine’s vitamin D, you are also placing yourself at risk for heat exhaustion.  This risk is highest for children, athletes, outdoor workers and the elderly.

Don’t drink water only when you’re thirsty. We keep extra bottles of water in Barrett’s diaper bag just to be safe. Aim for 10 cups of water each day, increasing this amount depending on your activity level. Another tip to avoid dehydration is to stay away from drinks containing caffeine or alcohol, especially when you are in the sun. These beverages are considered diuretics, which can promote dehydration.

This WIC Nutrition Buzz is sponsored by the Department of Public Health’s WIC program, a nutrition and health   program for women and families with kids under 5.  Call 1-800-WIC-1007 for more information.

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