What People Are Saying About MixFest 2012…

Andrew Celani -- Mix1041.com

This morning on Karson & Kennedy the official lineup for MixFest 2012 was announced! This year’s free concert at the DCR Hatch Shell will include none other than Train, Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer!

mixfest20122 What People Are Saying About MixFest 2012...

We’ve gathered some feedback from all of you on Twitter & Facebook, and so far so good! Here’s what people are saying about MixFest 2012…



Ray Quagliani Great Lineup! I cant wait

Carolyn Clement McDonough I know where I’ll be on Sept. 8th!!!! And this year, I can actually go!

Oneida Acety So looking forward to this concert been waiting all year

Kimberly Chappelle sweet

Mia Medina-Kinsman Heyyyy, my fiancé and I will go if you marry us while Train sings Marry Me:) pweeeeeeseeeeeeee:)

Danielle Nichole Grondin Really?!… Holy Crap! What a line up! I can’t wait to be at Mix Fest this year! So So excited! Maybe now I can go to bed for an hour or so….(doubtful, the kids will be up soon ♥) I love you all so very much!

Now that the lineup has been announced, what say YOU about MixFest 2012? Tell us in the comments section!

Andrew Celani — Mix1041.com

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