Can’t Beat Kennedy: August 7, 2012

Kennedy vs Matthew Reid (Night DJ on Mix 104.1 click here to see his page)

Thanks to Lisa from Quincy, we found out Matthew was talking some game on air yesterday and how he would “go at her” one of these days. ¬†We decided to wake him up and let him have a shot at it today.

1) Sharon Osbourne has quit “America’s Got Talent”. Who are the two remaining judges?

2) What band had played Mixfest the most times, with five appearances?

3) This past weekend LL Cool J met some random women at a restaurant and then paid for their dinner. What TV show is he currently starring in on CBS?

4) Actress Ellen Page has received a series of death threats. She first became a star playing a pregnant teen in what Oscar nominated film of 2007?

5) The US landed a rover on Mars this week. What Tom Cruise movie involved a Martian invasion of Earth?

Do you have what it takes to beat Kennedy?

Find out below.

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