Gregg, Sue & Freddy, We Run On Dunkin!

 What a fun afternoon we had today in the studio! Dunkin Donuts (they are brave) had us film a commercial for them. First, they spoiled us all with delicious hot and iced coffee all morning long. So, then we were all amped up as you can imagine for our filming to begin. The poor film crew that had to put up with the three of us and our everyday antics in the studio. Please keep in mind, our sick humor and inside jokes are kept between the three of us daily here in the studio, and these poor, poor people were witness to all of it! All and all, we had a blast. It took probably, alone hour more than expected, due to the giggles and the “bloopers” we had to correct. (Over and over again) We sure do make a great team. Good friends and great coffee, that’s a great day.

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