Here Comes The Bride! (And Her New Cousin!) – Sue Brady

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Alright, let’s be clear, I am ecstatic for Justin. He is my first and close cousin, we’ve been friends forever, and grew up together on Cape Cod, and have a wonderful friendship. He is one of the most talented, loving and best men I know, and I’m blessed to call him my cousin.

NOW, let’s throw a bridal shower!!! My beautiful cousin Eliza, (Justin’s sister) and I are on it! How exciting, and, sorry cousin Bobby, this will probably trump your wedding a few years ago. WHAT WILL I WEAR? This calls for something that comes from a “boutique”, no outlets. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and what the plans will be, but here’s to a big family wedding and family reunion, and how wonderful if our 101 year old grandmother will be here to enjoy!

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