Woman Denied Boarding Airplane Over Her Cleavage

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author-thumb-erin Erin O'Malley
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listenlive listicle Woman Denied Boarding Airplane Over Her Cleavage

Oh, you read the title right.  As if flying wasn’t enough of a stressful event these days, now you need to make sure that tank top isn’t too low.

A woman was denied access onto her booked flight when a Southwest employee allegedly deemed her sundress too revealing.  It was only when the woman draped her shawl over her chest that she was allowed to board.  I find this particularly amusing after what I saw at Logan on my way to this year’s American Idol finale.  There was a chick on our flight who wasn’t wearing pants.  I’m not kidding.  She had some sort of torn-looking long shirt that was clearly NOT a dress and it was so full of holes, you could see her bra & underwear through it.  (She checked in right before us & asked where she could buy a bag-as she was carrying clothes..it was beyond bizarre.)  But on our flight she went-designer bag & shoes, sans pants.

After seeing the picture of the woman who wasn’t allowed to board because of her cleavage-I want to know your thoughts on the matter.

ap510666224713 Woman Denied Boarding Airplane Over Her Cleavage

(Photo Credit: AP/Avital)

Source: MSNBC

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