Steven Tyler Plays Aerosmith Song Game

A few weeks ago Karson, Kennedy, and Salt had a contest where fans would hear a ten second clip of 5 of Taylor Swift’s songs mashed together and they had to guess all 5 songs correctly. The winner of the contest was flown to New York City to meet Taylor.

Everyone was so shocked at how quickly all the listeners called in with the correct answers! Salt decided that he wanted to play the same game with Steven Tyler with his own music. He made 3 different versions: easy, hard and insane.

Being the rebellious rock star that he is, Steven Tyler instantly chose the insane one. When he played he had to hear it twice, which is how many times the listeners get to hear it. He could only guess the first and last songs because it was that insane.

Can you guess all of the songs? Play along below!

Click Below To Listen

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