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Fast Freddy Gets Hypnotized

Gregg Daniels / Mix 104.1
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Photo: Tim Staskiewicz/Mix 104.1

Photo: Tim Staskiewicz/Mix 104.1

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The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, November 15th, but Fast Freddy decided to get a jump on matters a day earlier. Listeners of the show know that Freddy is smoker, a habit he has tried unsuccessfully to break in the past.

This year, Fred has brought on the services of a smoking cessation hypnotist to help him try and kick the cigarette habit for good. We had Larry Quemere, a consulting hypnotist join us in studio to put Freddy under.

WATCH: Freddy is Hypnotized

WATCH: Gregg Tries To Get Freddy to Cluck Like a Chicken

We’d like to thank Larry Quemere for coming in and helping Freddy out today. For more information on Larry, visit his website at www.ifreetobe.com.

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