MATTHEW’S BURNING QUESTION: Should Congress Stop Making Paper Dollar Bills & Mint Coins?

Today’s MBQ: Should Congress stop making dollar bills and just crank out those dollar coins?

Congress says they can save $4.4 Billion dollars over the next 30 years if they stop printing dollar bills, which have to be replaced every five years or so, and force us to use those dollar coins, which last for around thirty years. Sure 4.4 billion sounds like a lot of money, but I did the math–over 30 years, it works out to 44 cents per person, per year.

Proponents of changing the law say they understand the American public don’t like the dollar coins, but say we’ll get used to it when we have no other choice! Thanks, Congress!

All I know is, it drives me nuts when the people in line are digging through their change for 37 cents, can you imagine when they have to fish around for the dollar coins to?

More: CBS News

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