Kris Allen Joins Karson, Kennedy And Salt In Studio!

Karson, Kennedy and Salt, in an effort to honor the presence of Kris Allen, decide, for better or for worse, to bring back the “beloved” game Salt Strums, where Salt plays a song on his guitar, and the other poor souls in the studio have to try and guess what song it is.

In this edition, Kennedy (and later Kris Allen himself) tries to guess what the heck Salt is playing. The theme this time is, of course, American Idol finalist songs. We can only hope Kris Allen finds this tribute honorable…although it is difficult to see how this could be.

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Kris Allen Interview I

Afterwards, Karson, Kennedy and Salt ask Kris a number of questions about him, including his recent car accident, his pregnant wife, and his current tour.

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Kris Allen Interview II

Also, Karson and Kennedy give away some tickets to Allen’s show tonight at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston!

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Kris Allen Interview III

Kris Allen on Mix:

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