Funeral Hits Burger King Drive-Thru For Fallen Fast Food Fan [PHOTO]

Do you want something special done for you at your funeral? How about one last trip to the Burger King drive-thru? That’s what the family of David S. Kime Jr. did for the longtime BK fan, who died recently at age 88.

According to the York Daily Record, Kime’s way of eating healthy was “the lettuce on the Whopper Jr.” Sure, it’s fast food and has long been documented to be horribly unhealthy, but the guy lived to 88 eating Burger King all the time. So maybe it’s not all that bad, kinda?

(AP Photo/York Daily Record, Jason Plotkin)

(AP Photo/York Daily Record, Jason Plotkin)

In actuality, Kime was “borderline diabetic” and lived off a pacemaker. So maybe less BK would have allowed him to approach 100 years old. All we know is the man loved his Whoppers so much he deserved a tribute.

What restaurant would you have your family visit?


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