Boston’s In Agreement: ‘Southie Rules’ Worst Reality TV Show Ever

Andrew Celani --

From Goodwill Hunting to The Town and The Departed, Hollywood has been fascinated with the gritty stories of working-class Boston neighborhoods for some time.

Now, the trashy world of reality TV is hitting close to home in a new A&E series titled Southie Rules, and let’s just say that the reviews have been atrocious from critics weighing in on Twitter after Tuesday night’s premiere.

I’m sure most people from Southie would agree:

Now to a degree all reality TV shows are scripted, but the way it was done on Southie Rules was just unbearable according to you:

Here’s a few more:

Did you happen to catch the premiere of Southie Rules? Is it really as bad as it’s being talked about? Sound off in the comments section!

Andrew Celani —

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