SALT pregames the GRAMMYS – DAY 2: Have you ever shook the hand of a BILLIONAIRE?!


SAM_0619DAY 2 – It started off with a BANG!  CARLY RAE JEPSEN was our first interview and with the catchiest song of the year, we had so much to talk about with her.

The prior night I had been invited by some Canadian friends to the CANADIAN CONSULATE GENERAL’S GRAMMY PARTY at an LA club and I saw a band of very hairy gentleman rocking out called THE SHEEPDOGS from a place called SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN.

CARLY RAE is from Canada so I asked her where exactly was SASKATOON…she was dumbfounded and it was adorable. That would be like me not knowing where CHATTAHOOCHEE, FL is found on the map. For the record, I don’t.

Carly Rae Interview

GREAT start for Day 2!

It then got REAL, YO!  The guests were bigger names and so much fun:

SAM_0627-Jay and Tom from THE WANTED dished on LINDSAY LOHAN and then got handsy with an autographed headshot of CARLY RAE.

SAM_0641-I told JOEY MCINTYRE from NKOTB he must hate the husbands of the world by continuingly stealing their women for his shows…and now adding 98 DEGREES and BOYZ 2 MEN!

SAM_0643-FLORENCE WELCH of FLORENCE + THE MACHINE recounted her last dealings with Mix 104.1 and the resulting head injury!

SAM_0648-The ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS played our ‘NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 1’ this year and remembered KARSON & I but not for a good reason.

SAM_0653-HUNTER HAYES made his way over to us and dodged his way around the issue of his relationship status…

…followed up by BILLY BUSH speculating as to why HUNTER doesn’t have a GF

It was a fast paced day but it wasn’t over until MARK CUBAN, owner of the DALLAS MAVERICKS and star of SHARK TANK stopped by and shook my hand.  Have you ever shook the hand of a BILLIONAIRE?!  I can know say that I haveSAM_0658

It was an amazing 2 days that led up to an amazing 55th annual Grammy Award show!

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