No Coffee or Alcohol For Months? Katy Perry’s Insane Pre-‘Vogue’ Diet [VIDEO]

Matt Dolloff / Mix 104.1

Could you go without coffee and alcohol for one month, let alone three? That’s what Katy Perry says she did in preparation for her photoshoot in Vogue magazine’s July issue.

Ironically, she showed up to Jay Leno’s couch feeling under the weather, despite leading such a healthy recent lifestyle. The drastic changes she made to her intake might have actually made her sick in the first place!

But even if it did affect her immune system, Katy went on a spree of good nutrition in the weeks leading up to the shoot to get herself looking her best.

“I kind of went on a cleanse…I did a lot of things like vitamins and supplements, I changed my coffee to green tea, I didn’t drink any alcohol for three months…I was really in the zone, just wanted to be glowing for that cover,” she says in the video.

We’re sure her regimen included intense exercise as well. Either way, we can’t really argue with the results of the photo shoot.

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