The 8 Strangest Excuses For Having Bad Credit

If your credit score hits rock bottom, it’s probably because you got too far behind on bills, or in over your head on debt and had to declare bankruptcy…not because you married the devil.  But I guess you never know.

A credit counseling company just released a list of the strangest excuses people have given to explain why their credit scores had bottomed out.  Here are the 8 best ones…

1.  “I accidentally married the devil.  Our marriage license number was 666, I think she gave me gout, and ruined my credit score.”

2.  “I stopped making credit card payments and filed for bankruptcy because I didn’t want any debt when I buy a house.”

3.  “I pay late fees every month to help boost my credit rating.”

4.  “My car broke, so I stopped making the payments so the bank would come repossess this junk car.”

5.  “Construction workers moved my mailbox and I couldn’t find it for three months.”

6.  “My wife thought I was paying the bills . . . I thought she was paying them.”

7.  “I didn’t pay my gas credit card because they sold me bad gas.”

8.  “My wife and I were abducted by aliens.”

What’s your reason for having bad credit? Share it with us in the comments section below, on Twitter at @KarsonKennedy or via Facebook!

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