Study: Women Spend 83 Hours On Christmas Preparations, Men Only 58

(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

The holiday season is upon us and many people find this time of year exhausting, if you’re one of them, you’re not alone!

A new study from Australia is out that puts numbers against the go, go, go feeling of December. According to an online survey done by Pure Profile and Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney, women spend approximately 83 hours on average when it comes to shopping, cooking, organizing and other holiday preparations.

In fact, one in three women are spending over 160 hours – that’s almost a week – preparing for Christmas.

But how about the men? The guys actually get off a lot easier, only spending an average of 58 hours getting ready for the holidays.

For that matter, one in three men are done in about 12 hours and one in fourteen say they’re all ready for the yuletide season in about an hour!

What about you? How many hours do you feel you spend on preparing for Christmas each year?

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