VIDEO: 3-Year-Old Wants Cupcakes: “Linda, Honey, Listen!”

Little Mateo wants a cupcake, and he’s making a compelling argument as to why he should have the sweet treat.

Apparently he went behind his mom, Linda’s back and asked grandma for a cupcake, and Linda found out.

Mateo had already eaten lunch and didn’t want to eat dinner, but felt that a cupcake would be more than sufficient.

His mom disagreed and started filming his argument as he tries to win her over.

It doesn’t work, but that doesn’t stop Mateo from trying. The most hilarious part of the video is at 1:42, when he begins to refer to his mom as “honey.”

“Linda, honey. Honey, look-it. Look at this,” he argues.

Mom, however, is unswayed by the toddler’s high-pressure tactics. There will be no cupcakes for dinner.


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