This Father-Daughter “Let It Go” Videobomb is Just Adorable

As far as videobombs go, this has to be the best one ever done by a dad.

Watch this guy’s daughter sing the Frozen smash hit “Let It Go” to herself in the woods, where she apparently believes she’s alone. That’s when dad sneaks in!

Even if it’s staged, it’s perfect!

The best part – besides his flawless lip-syncing – is that he never gets caught in the video. As far as this clip is concerned, he just completely gets away with it! I like to think the daughter uploaded this video without ever realizing her dad was behind her, only to get a big surprise when she watched it!

The video has over 200,000 views in 5 days on Youtube. But the dad is only the second-biggest Frozen fan – next to this couple!


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