Before You Tune Out the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Tune In to This

Alisha Jackson
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listenlive listicle Before You Tune Out the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Tune In to This

“Nobody wants to see a depressing person that’s dying, that has 2 to 5 years to live. They don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want their day ruined.”

If those words don’t shake you, then the video above will.

Yes, the beginning of the video is funny, with Anthony sporting a bikini and homemade shorts that read “Kiss my ALS”, but please make sure you stay tuned in beyond the car wash scene for the real reason why ALS ice bucket videos are being made.

ALS has been a bully to Anthony Carbajal his entire life. He watched ALS take his grandmother away. He is currently in the process of taking care of his mother before it takes her away. And at the age of 26, he found out that ALS was after him too.

Find out what ALS is and why the ice bucket challenge means so much to Anthony in his video above. And don’t feel too bad if you’ve complained about the videos, because to Anthony, that’s a form of awareness as well:

“People are getting frustrated about seeing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge right now and that’s fine, that’s fine. That means that our awareness is working. I promise your newsfeed will go back to cat videos and “Let It Go” covers, but right now the ALS community has the main spotlight, for once in my entire life.”

So, please keep in mind that your donation and your ice bucket challenge videos are truly helping those in need.

If you’d like to help, you can find Anthony’s family’s donation page here.

And you can donate for research at ALS TDI by clicking here.

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