Can’t Beat Kennedy: Debbie From Woburn

  1. Macaulay Culkin says he was, quote, “not pounding six grand of heroin every month” back when pictures emerged of him looking all strung out four years ago. Name the actress Culkin dated for 8 years who is now married to Ashton Kutcher.
  2. Finding Dory became the highest-grossing animated film in North America. It brought Shrek 2 down to second place. Who was the voice of Shrek in the franchise?
  3. Tara Reid cut interview with Jenny McCarthy short because Jenny asked about things Tara didn’t want to talk about, like her plastic surgeries and reality show she was doing. What former 90210 star is the lead in the Sharknado franchise?
  4. Coldplay had a concert in New Jersey on Sunday and Michael J. Fox came onstage to help them cover the two songs he performed in his movie “Bach To The Future.” In the film, how fast did Marty McFly have to get the DeLorean going to time travel?-88, 99 or 101?
  5. Lady Gaga got pulled over just two weeks after finally getting her license. She says she just didn’t have the plates for her new truck yet. In 2010 she wore a meat dress to what award show?- The Grammy’s, The VMA’s or Billboard Music Awards?


Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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