That Time Beyoncé Thought Denis Leary Was Bryan Adams

by Alisha Jackson

Denis Leary knew that introducing his daughter and her friends to Beyoncé would score him major cool points back in 2008, so when he hosted an event that she was performing at, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get them backstage.

“I looked at it and went, this is my chance — she was a teenager then — to get big cool points,” he told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. “I go, ‘Hey, why don’t you get a bunch of girlfriends from school and bring them to the show? You know, I’m hosting. I’ll get backstage tickets and I’ll introduce you guys to Beyoncé after the show.”

While Denis ended up pulling off the meet-and-greet, he managed to lose any cool points he may have gained mere moments later. And it was all because of his resemblance to singer-songwriter Bryan Adams.

(Getty Images) (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

“The girls are all excited,” Leary explained. “Beyoncé comes out of the dressing room, and I go, ‘Beyoncé, you were great tonight.’” To which Beyoncé replied, “‘So were you, Bryan.’ She thought I was Bryan Adams!”

“Meanwhile, I go, ‘Thanks, Beyoncé! See ya later,’” Leary said. “So the girls are like, ‘Dad, she thinks you’re Bryan Adams.’ I’m like, ‘Listen, if she thinks I’m Ellen DeGeneres, I’m Ellen DeGeneres. It’s Beyoncé. Beyoncé makes the call.’”

Watch the cringe-worthy video in full below!


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