Britney Spears’ Opening Acts Are Supposed to ‘Keep a Comfortable Distance’ From Her

Don't breathe on me, says Brit Brit.

by Alisha Jackson

Talk about overprotected. According to Joe Jonas, who opened for Britney Spears on her 2011 Femme Fatale tour, even the acts who tour with her are asked to “keep a comfortable distance” from the 90’s pop queen backstage.

The rule may seem a little outrageous, but how Britney runs her tour is her prerogative. Okay, we’ll stop with the puns now.

Before playing ‘Shag, Marry, or Kill’ with his exes Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Gigi Hadid, Joe Jonas took some questions from viewers on Watch What Happens Live. Our favorite, of course, had to do with Brit Brit.

“What was the weirdest or craziest thing you saw Britney do while you were on tour with her?” a fan asked Joe. “Well it’s funny because you’re not supposed to, I guess, technically get too close to Britney,” Joe revealed. But on his last day touring with her, the excited former JoBro couldn’t help but break the rule. “Even though you tour with her they still ask you to keep a comfortable distance, I just went in there and gave her the biggest hug.”

According to Joe, Britney “was very loving and had fun with it” when he hugged her, which makes us wonder — did she come up with these rules or did her tour management? Now all we can picture is poor Brit Brit being ignored backstage at her own shows and not knowing why.


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