How Coldplay and a Sex Toy Maker Inspired Taylor Swift’s Concert Bracelets

by Alisha Jackson

Chris Martin of Coldplay stopped by the Mix Beach House today and hung out on the picturesque Cape Cod roof deck with Gregg and Freddy before literally taking a helicopter over to Gillette Stadium to play a packed show tonight. That alone makes him pretty damn cool.

Gregg and Freddy kicked off the interview talking about the last time they saw Coldplay in concert, which coincidentally came up on their Timehop from four years ago today. It was the first time either of them had seen light-up concert bracelets, an invention which Chris had some hysterical insider info on.

“The guy that invented them, this guy Jason, used to make sex toys,” he revealed. “And then in 2005 he was watching us play a festival called Glastonbury in Britain, and everyone was singing this song called ‘Fix You,’ and he thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if everyone had a light on their wrist?’” Chris continued, “Over the years he managed to find us, and my best friend Phil who deals with all that kind of thing, they just sort of cooked it up together.”

According to Chris, “Taylor’s [Swift] used them since then.”

If you’re wondering how Chris compares his performance at our beach house to massive gigs like this year’s Super Bowl, and the countless concerts Coldplay has sold out worldwide, the singer considers the latter to be “rehearsals.” “That’s the way I like to think of it,” he explained. “No, I’m being serious,” he assured Gregg and Freddy. “I feel like trying to live in the moment, you just have to consider that now is all you have.” When asked how preparing for the Beach House compares to preparing for Coldplay’s show at Gillette tonight, Chris admitted that playing our event was harder for him. “A hundred [people] is harder,” Chris said. “Right now, there’s loads of drunk people in their swimming costumes looking at your sound check… I get a little nervous. Whereas in the stadium you’re covered by smoke and mirrors a bit more, and would prepare in private.” “But, it’s good. I think it keeps you on your toes and it makes you appreciate where you came from and what your job really is.”

To hear the rest of Chris Martin’s interview, including what it was like to play the Super Bowl with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, watch his full video with Gregg and Freddy above!


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