Chris Martin Talks About His Jason Aldean Fail, and Texting With Beyoncé

By Alisha Jackson

Before hitting the stage at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night, where he ended up giving Karson a birthday shout-out in front of the sold-out crowd, Chris Martin of Coldplay stopped by the Mix Beach House roof deck to chat with the morning show.

Martin’s sense of humor was immediately apparent when he asked Salt if he was a natural blue before kicking off the interview. A few moments later, he said he was going to need “about 10 more guys with their tops of,” referring to the bathing suit-wearing crowd.

When asked how he compares performing at our beach house to his show at Gillette stadium, Chris admitted that performing for 100 people was “much more nerve-racking” for him. He explained, “I mean love it. I love to play, and I feel so grateful, and if we don’t hang out with you guys, we don’t get to do those big shows. You’re responsible for those people showing up, so I feel like it’s a nice thing to do.”

According to Chris, or one of his fan’s anyway, country music isn’t really his thing. “I was doing a tiny show the other day and a girl asked me to play ‘Big Green Tractor’ by Jason Aldean, so I quickly listened to it a bit and then played it, and she goes ‘nah.'” “She shut me down. She genuinely said ‘don’t do that again.'” In the end, Chris wasn’t upset, because he says it’s moments like those that “keep you on your toes.”

When asked how Coldplay got Beyoncé on their album, he jokingly answered, “There was a competition between all the English bands, like ‘win a chance to sing with Beyoncé.’ Someone’s supposed to send in the best hand-drawn sketch of her and Jay, and I did a charcoal print of the two of them skinny dipping, so that’s sort of what happened. But I also texted.” “She responded with a thumbs up emoji and then a cash symbol,” the jokester continued.

To hear the rest of Chris Martin’s interview, including what it was like to play the Super Bowl with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, watch his full video with Karson and Salt above!


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