Fan Thanks Britney Spears For Her Life-Saving Letter

by Alisha Jackson

Britney Spears may not remember meeting megastar Taylor Swift, but she remembered the letter that her struggling fan David LeCours II had given to her when they met backstage, and her acknowledgement of that meet-and-greet ended up saving his life.

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In August of 2014, David was struggling with his sexuality. In his open letter to Britney Spears, he writes, “One day when I was in my room alone laying down, I was listening to your music. At that moment I started thinking to myself, ‘Why was I put here on earth if I can’t accept myself?’ That was when your song ‘Stronger’ came on. I sat up from my bed and began to cry. It was as if a switch inside of me turned on, and made me realize I couldn’t live the way I was living anymore. I could not hate myself because of my sexuality and I could not keep all these feelings inside me any longer, I needed help.”

With the aid of Britney’s music, David ended up opening up to his best friend. Then, on August 20th, he had the opportunity to open up to Britney. “I began to put the finishing touches on a letter that I’d soon be giving to you. At the meet and greet I not only got to give you that letter, but I also got to hear you tell me how proud you were of me for being so strong. When you told me that, I was so emotional. Hearing you, my inspiration tell me how proud she was of ME was the most rewarding thing to hear. After walking out from meeting you I was then told that you wanted my address to respond to my letter as it meant so much to you, I was overwhelmed.”

Britney’s letter, which you can read on David’s Instagram below, ended up saving his life.

At the end of David’s current-day open letter, he thanks Britney for what she did, and lets her know that because of her, “someone’s life was saved.”

“Everyone has something or someone that can help them when they are down or struggling, but mine, which is you, truly saved my life. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d make it to my eighteenth birthday, but I did. You have helped me more than anyone can imagine and I am beyond grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for me. Knowing that there’s at least one person out there who supports me gives me the strength to face everyone else, so thank you. I hope you get to read this and realize because of you, someone’s life was saved. I love you so much and again, thank you for everything.”


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