‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Gets Shot With Flaming Arrow After Equipment Malfunction

By: Eric Donnelly

Things don’t usually go wrong on live television, but every now and again a problem arises on America’s Got Talent with one of the contestants.

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, a daredevil duo who swallow curved swords and all kinds of crazy things, amped up their set for the quarter finals in an effort to advance. At the end of their performance, Ryan swalled a long pole with a target on the end of it while AmberLynn got on top of a ladder and directed her crossbow with a flaming arrow…

The moment she began fidgeting with her aim you could tell something was about to happen. Upon firing, the arrow missed the target and nailed Stock at the base of the neck. They immediately cut away to a shot of the judges looking on in horror.

The injured stuntman explained to Front Row Live that, ““Things go wrong, they don’t usually go wrong on stage or live on television, but it was pretty exciting…normally when I do that stunt, the arrow actually goes down my throat…and it shoots pyrotechnics out, but we had an equipment malfunction.”

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He sure got lucky on this one!


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