Did ‘Gilmore Girls’ Just Drop a Major Pregnancy Hint?!

by Alisha Jackson

Yesterday, Gilmore Girls posted a promo photo to their Instagram account, which featured three Lorelai and Rory staples — coffee, newspapers, and Pop Tarts.

Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over 'till the pizza comes. And one apple.

A photo posted by @gilmoregirls on

It also featured an apple. To the naked non-Gilmore fanatic eye, an apple doesn’t look very suspicious. But true Stars Hollow residents know that a piece of fruit would be deemed too healthy for the Gilmore girls to consume.

After pondering the fruit in the photo for hours, fans came to the conclusion that Lorelai must be pregnant. Why would an apple = pregnancy? Because during season five, episode 21: “Blame Booze and Melville”, Lorelai suspects that she may be pregnant with (no spoiler)’s baby when she finds herself enjoying an apple. Her logic was based on the fact that the only other time she appreciated the fruit was when she was pregnant with Rory.

Exciting, right?!

Well, sorry to get your hopes up. While the theory could be true, Gilmore Girls was most likely making a callback to season one, episode 13: “Concert Interruptus” with the photo.

GG Instagram fan account, gilmoregirlsonly, brought the reference to our attention with the photo below.

Okay, okay. I definitely think I over-reacted just a little! 😂😂 The quote that Netflix used in their caption --" Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over 'till the pizza comes. And one apple" is almost identical to the quote said by Lorelai in episode 13 of season one when Rory, Paris, Madeline and Louise are working on their school project and go to the Bangles concert! She even serves them an identical plate of pop-tarts with an apple in the center. The "And one apple" part of their caption and all of the comments on the photo definitely through me off! Sneaky, Netflix. 😉 #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsrevival #ggonlyrevivalnews #lorelaigilmore #rorygilmore #laurengraham #alexisbledel #starshollow #gilmoregirlsayearinthelife #ggonlyscenes

A photo posted by Gilmore Girls Revival & Edits (@gilmoregirlsonly) on

Not only is a plate of Pop Tarts with one apple in the middle served in the season one episode, but the quote “Pop Tart appetizers to tide you over until the pizza comes,” is almost identical to the quote released yesterday.

However, if you pro-preggers fans need some hope to cling onto, “and one apple” was added to the quote on the new Gilmore Girls post. And they very well could be pointing out the apple for a reason.


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