Putting Azis Ansari’s Standup Subtitles On ‘Planet Earth’ Could Be Netflix’s Greatest Mistake

by Alisha Jackson

If these photos are real, then even Netflix’s mistakes are genius. Last night, Reddit user BenMeiri84 let the world know that his friend “was watching BBC nature show on Netflix, and a glitch caused it to have Aziz Ansari’s stand up special’s subtitles.”

That “BBC nature show” was Planet Earth (you know, one of the most recognizable nature documentary series of our time). And the subtitles came from Aziz Ansari’s Live at Madison Square Garden comedy special.

With only one person on the internet documenting Netflix’s “mistake,” there’s a possibility that the photos below could be fake. But if they’re real, then watching shows with subtitles is about to become a trend.

Check out the hysterical screenshots below!


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