Can’t Beat Kennedy: Rachel From North Oxford

1. J.C. Chasez turns 40 years old today. Besides letting Eva Longoria get away he was famous for being a member in what popular boy band? 98 Degrees, O-Town or NYSYNC

2. Jonah Hill admitted to being scared when Leonardo Dicaprio ran at him on the street and pretended to be a crazy fan in New York. Name the 2013 movie the two starred in together.

3. Jennifer Grey who played the female lead opposite Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing” says she was offered a role in ABC’s TV movie remake but turned it down. What was her character’s name in the film?

4. Vanilla Ice flipped out after he missed his flight at the airport in Atlanta. In 2004 Ice starred in a VH1 reality series alongside Ron Jeremy and Erik Estrada among others. Was it called The Surreal Life, Tough Love or Couples Thearapy?

5. Venus and Serena Williams were eliminated in the first round of woman’s doubles action. It was their first loss at the Olympics ever. How many Gold Medals have they won as a doubles team? 3 6 or 9

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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