Can’t Beat Kennedy: Mary From Kingston

1. NBC has just completed a deal with Warner Brothers for the broadcasting rights to all eight Harry Potter films for $250 million. Name one of the four wizarding housed in Hogwarts.

2. Eight years ago today comedian and actor Bernie Mac passed away from heart failure at age 50. Which of these was NOT a film Bernie appeared in?-Oceans Eleven, Bad Santa or Barbershop?

3. Anna Kendrick is 31 years old today. Her biggest role is playing Beca, the star of Pitch Perfect franchise. What song became popular after it was covered by Kendrick in the 2012 film?

4. Suicide Squad broke the opening weekend record for August, taking in $135.1 million. This makes it the 4th highest opening in 2016. Which if these 3 is #1? Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory or Batman vs. Superman?

5. The muppet band made their festival debut over the weekend in San Francisco. What is the name of the band on the muppets?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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