Britney Spears Must Get Permission From Her Children Before Posting An Instagram Of Them

By: Eric Donnelly

Britney Spears may be the Queen of Pop, but it looks like her children Sean Preston and Jayden James are the kings of her Instagram account.

In a recent interview with Mario Lopez for Extra, Brit Brit talked about co-hosting a charity ride for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, which she recently donated $200 thousand too. She also talked about meeting Hilary Clinton and she revealed how they had a great conversation about food…especially jambalaya!

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Before giving us some slight details about her new video for “Slumber Party” with Tinashe — it’s like an Eyes Wide Shut theme — she mentioned that she has “ask permission from them” before she can post something of them. “They’re very funny about what I put out…Mom we want this on Instagram, Mom this cannot go!”

Hey! The pop superstar has 13.8 million followers, can you blame them for being picky?! Check out her full interview below:


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