10 Things You Might Not Know About Meghan Trainor

One of our favorite hometown stars is coming home for the holidays! Meghan Trainor was just announced as our headlining act at Mix 104.1’s Not So Silent Night this year!

You of course know the Massachusetts native whose first hit All About That Bass rocketed her to world-wide fame and fortune, but you may not know these ten things about Miss Meghan Trainor.

1. Meghan will only have a couple weeks left at 22 when taking the stage at Not So Silent Night.

She was born on December 22nd, 1993 and will turn 23 just a little over two weeks after performing for Mix listeners in Boston.

2. One of Meghan’s hit singles, Lips Are Movin’ was written in 8 minutes flat.

“We wrote it in eight minutes,” Meghan told ABC News. “I kind of freaked out ’cause I looked at the clock, I was like, ‘Wait a second, did we start this eight minutes ago?’ And we freaked out and realized, ‘Yeah!'”

3. She doesn’t do much for the stereotype that we Bay Staters are bad drivers.

“I failed my first driving road test,” she told Us Weekly.

4. Former Not So Silent Night alum, Sam Smith coached Meghan through her vocal cord surgery last year.

“I texted Sam and I was like, ‘Should I get this done and fix this now and just get it over with?’” to which he replied, “I promise you, you will sing better than ever and be much happier if you get the surgery,” she wrote.

5. Raised on Nantucket, one of the bigger highlights of Meghan’s childhood was going to a bonafide shopping mall.

“Since I was born and raised on Nantucket, where there’s not a lot of shopping, there’s not a lot of malls,” she told Gregg Daniels & Fast Freddy in an interview. “On the Cape, our big thing was to go to the Cape Cod Mall!”

(Photo by Alisha Jackson)

(Photo by Alisha Jackson)

6. Meghan’s mom is actually sick and tired of All About That Bass.

In an interview with Time, Meghan admitted that her “mom just said, ‘Wow, that’s pretty annoying now.’ But she still loves it.”

7. While her first love is music, Meghan admits she’s thought about the silver screen.

She told Kennedy and Salt in an interview last year that “I want to do romantic movies, I want to be an actress.”

8. She once invited her former prom date to a Mix Lounge performance that she did in Boston.

Meghan at a Mix Lounge in 2014. (Alisha Jackson)

Meghan at a Mix Lounge in 2014. (Alisha Jackson)

9. Mix 104.1 was one of the first major radio stations to play All About That Bass. In fact, we were also the ones who broke it to Meghan’s mom that it had hit number one on the charts.

10. Meghan started writing and arranging music at the young age of 11, when she created her own arrangement of the 1930s hit, Heart and Soul.

Meghan Trainor joins James Bay and Lindsey Stirling at Mix 104.1’s Not So Silent Night on Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 at the House of Blues in Boston. The only way to get tickets is to win them through Mix 104.1 and mix1041.com.


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