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This Is What a “Perfect” Post-Baby Body Looks Like

Should we try to make “Mom Bods” a trend? Kimberly Henderson, singer and mother of 4, has been told she has a “perfect” body after having kids, so she shared what her body really looks like.

7 hours ago

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Could Be Flying Drones in ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

But they’ve got to write the script first.

9 hours ago

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Jon Stewart Reaching Out to Conservative Foes for Final Show

If you thought his goodbye show might be a heartfelt, tearful romp down memory lane, guess again.

10 hours ago

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John Mayer and Andy Cohen Captured the Weekend with One Selfie

As they say, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

10 hours ago

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Kennedy to Host ‘Mean Girls’ Brunch on July 12th!

Stop trying to make a ‘Mean Girls’ brunch happen. Kennedy already made it happen!

12 hours ago