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Singing Dentist Channels Ed Sheeran to Combat Tooth DecayDr. Shadrooh is making it his life's mission to put people like Karson at ease with dentistry through the power of song.
Dan Got a Pretty Cool Offer For This WeekendThe debate is on whether Intern Dan should accept or not. What do you think?
Dump Or Date: Clammy ComedianWhat do you think Alison should do? Dump or Date?
Karson Faces His Dental PhobiaDo you have a fear of the dentist? How do you get over it?
Laugh-tulence Isn't So FunnyWhat's your most embarrassing fart story?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Trisha From QuincyCan Trisha beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
15 Seconds | Keelan Donovan - Close To The Fire #Update
This Mom Is A Box Of ChocolatesDo you think they're being unreasonable, or that Sheila is in the wrong?
The Birds And The Bees Are Outta The BagHow would you explain what you were doing to avoid a premature "the birds and the bees" talk?
War Of The Roses: One Date AwayMegan wants us to call a guy she's only been on one date with. This is the first roses ever done under protest.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Abby From WellesleyCan Abby beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Facebook Fights: #PrettyGirlProblemsVivian feels compelled to share with Facebook the struggles of being a model, it goes over pretty well...

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