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    Karson & Kennedy: Are You Facebook Friends With Your Boss?

    Arkansas is trying to pass a bill that forces employees to be friends with their bosses on social media in order to prevent slander.

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    Lexington H.S. Cancels, Then Restores “American Pride” Dance Theme

    Some people were angered by this because A. We live in America and B. Lexington had such a significant role in our history.

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    Karson & Kennedy: Karson Calls Lana Out For Being A Diva

    Karson and Lana went to see Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on Saturday night, then things happened.

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    Sheppard Pranks Local Music Store With Karson & Kennedy

    Watch as Karson and Kennedy coax Sheppard into trying to buy their album from a local record store over the phone.

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    Mashup: “Saved By The Bell” Meets “Game Of Thrones”

    What happens when Bayside High gets transported to Westeros? You'll just have to watch...

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