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Ryan Gosling Was Rejected By 'Gilmore Girls'According to casting director Jami Rudofsky, Gosling's audition fell flat.
Oops, Britney's Wardrobe Malfunctioned Again!The pop queen handled her broken bra like a champ, and held it up while she continued to perform.
Ringtone NightmareNancy's ringtone went off during a funeral service.
I'm a Dumbass: Vasectomy Surprise!Caller Dean decided to surprise his wife with a vasectomy!
Yoga Pants ParadeIn response to Alan Sorrentino's article about it being "bizarre" for adults to wear leggings, 300 Rhode Island women marched for the right to wear yoga pants at all ages.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Lindsay from New HampshiereCan Lindsay beat Kennedy?
Intern Kyra Cannot Pump GasIntern Kyra, who is originally from New Jersey, cannot pump her own gas and is afraid of learning how.
War of the Roses: Unwitting PolygamistMatt wants to make Veronica his wife. Only problem is, she may already be someone else's wife!
Acoustic Sunrise Spotlight: Sia Sings Her Rihanna-Famous Song, "Diamonds"Before Rihanna sang "Diamonds," insanely talented Australian singer/songwriter Sia did.
15 Seconds Of Fame - Tayler Buono | Something About YouGreat new song from one of our #15Seconds alums... check out Tayler Buono's "Something About You!"
'Gilmore Girls' Website Unveils Mysterious Countdown ClockIn three days, something will happen on the home page of That is, if Kirk can figure it out.
Paris Hilton Used to Trick-or-Treat at the Playboy Mansion and Aaron Spelling's HouseThat's hot.

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