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    Karson & Kennedy: Should Boston Cancel St. Patrick's Day Parade?

    The iconic parade through South Boston may not happen this year due to the record amount of snowfall in the city.

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    Karson & Kennedy: Would You Sleep In Separate Beds?

    In reference to House of Cards, Karson and Kennedy are asking if you would sleep in a separate bed from your significant other?

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    ‘Uncle Joey’ Talks Full House & #TheDress With Karson & Kennedy

    Dave Coulier dropped by on Friday morning to talk about why Full House made absolutely no sense.

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    Married Friend Has Dreams About Salt - Should He Be Talking To Her?

    Salt has a female friend that he has known for years, and she occasionally has the steamy dream about him. even after she was married.

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    Karson & Kennedy: Has Kennedy Lost Her Game?

    Kennedy fears she has lost her game and the morning show gang tries to help her get to the bottom of it.

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