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A 'Gilmore Girls' Festival Is Coming to Connecticut's Real-Life Stars Hollow!Guests, which include 8 confirmed cast members from the show, will attend the town's Friday night dinner, Knit-a-thon, dance recital, and of course, coffee at the town's hardware store!
War Of The Roses: Tinder Goes Up In FlamesSteve just proposed to Dana. Dana just saw Steve on Tinder. Will this engagement go up in flames?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Dennis From BrightonCan Dennis beat Kennedy?
Are You Hiding A Tattoo?These adult Mix listeners have been hiding their tattoos for years!
Are School Supplies Getting Out Of Control?How much do your kids' back to school supplies cost?
Scituate Residents Can't ShowerThe drought in Scituate is so bad that the town is asking people to shorten their showers!
War Of The Roses Marathon: The 2 Faces Of SullyWendy is concerned that her boyfriend Sully's eye might be wandering. We think that isn't the only thing wandering.
TBT: 1994, When Boyz II Men Sang "I'll Make Love to You"The song stayed at #1 for fourteen weeks, until Boyz II Men replaced it with "On Bended Knee."
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | CADO "High Tide"Check out Boston duo Cado - they are one step closer to opening #MixFest 2016!
Kate Upton Shades the Kardashians With Nose Job Joke on Snapchat"I look like a Kardashian, nose job and all."
Daily Dirty: Justin Timberlake Had a Photo Booth Sesh With Hillary Clinton, And Mariah Lost It Over BeyoncéJustin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had a photo booth at their fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, 'The Departed' is turning into a TV show, and Mariah Carey reportedly threw her fiancé's laptop out the window because it was playing Beyoncé.
Facebook Fight: Sorority SmackdownToday's Facebook Fight is all about sorority sisters and bridezillas.

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