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Karson and the Charlestown Bulb Bandit Makes CBS News!There’s a new criminal in Charlestown, and he's stealing light bulbs from people's houses.
Will You Dump Or Be Dumped This Sunday?According to data collected from Facebook posts, the most popular day for relationship break-ups is two weeks out from Christmas.
How Have You Gotten Out Of A Speeding Ticket?Producer Mike's son Tyler got pulled over earlier this week for speeding and was given a $225 ticket.
Can Karson Spell These Holiday Words?Can you?
Can't Lick Salt: Sara From AndoverCan Sara "lick" Salt?
15 Seconds Of Fame - Best Of 2016 | Lauren Daigle
War Of The Roses Marathon: Mr. ConsiderateKristina and Ryan break up a lot. And although this Roses ends the way you know it will, some people will never learn.
The Charlestown Bulb BanditThere's a new criminal in Charlestown, and Karson is just one of his dozens of victims.
Dan's Got No Shame, So Salt Plays A GameDan tried picking up two ladies at Not So Silent Night.
Newfound Love at Not So Silent Night?Michelle was really into Nick at Not So Silent Night, but Nick made it very clear that he was not on the same page.
War Of The Roses: We Were On A BreakWe called Elyse's boyfriend Phil today for Roses, and there was no winning with this one!
Can't Lick Salt: Debbie From RandolphCan Debbie "lick" Salt?

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