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Lady Gaga’s Tribute to the 50th Anniversary of ‘Sound of Music’ Was the High Point of the Oscars

Lady Gaga left her meat dress at home to honor the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music at the 87th Annual Academy Awards.


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Scene It All Before – Jupiter Ascending

Another attempt by the Wachowskis at the sci-fi genre but those waiting for another Matrix may have to keep waiting


Patriots Bible

Patriots Haters Are Hypocrites: The Bible Proves It

Wait, I’m not really going to cite the Holy Bible to make a point in this Deflategate debacle, am I? Actually, I am. There’s a scene in John 8, where a bunch of arrogant religious leaders […]


Julian Edelman Video CBS Grab

Julian Edleman Takes It Old School In New Video

Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman interjected some fun into an otherwise bleak week around New England with the release of a new video. After five days of feeling anything but love from the Haters around […]


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Las Vegas Sets Odds On Bill Belicheck Superbowl Suspension

After the past 72 hours, absolutely no new development in this Deflategate story would surprise me. You could tell me that the NFL‘s little known CSI team pulled Gisele Bundchen‘s DNA off of an inflation needle […]



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