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Courtesy of EPK.TV

Winter Has Come For Captain America

Another superhero story that will take over the box office, but Captain America demands to be taken seriously.


(Video cap courtesy of Tobuscus)

Parody: A Great Big World/Christina Aguilera “Depressing Song”

Pretty funny parody of Say Something by Tobuscus. “I wrote this song to depress you…” Check out Toby’s video:  


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The next big teenage hit is out. Or at least that’s what the studios hope it will be.

Mix 104.1–03/21/2014


Wicked Wake-Up Call: Love That Dirty Water

There have been some water issues at Jennifer’s work lately.  Salt calls her and has her test the plumbing over the phone. Have a friend you want to disrupt with a Wicked Wake-Up Call? Let […]

Mix 104.1–03/19/2014


Wicked Wake-Up Call: The Vicious Dachshund

Angie is going to get a call from “postal worker” Alicia Love to let her know that they cannot deliver her mail anymore because of her “vicious” dog!

Mix 104.1–02/28/2014