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This Hysterical Flight Attendant Makes Those Boring Safety Features Fun [VIDEO]

There are many annoyances that come with air travel, and one of the biggest ones is the safety tutorial. But this lady manages to make the safety part hilarious by throwing in some awesome jokes at her own expense!


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Watch a Soldier Surprise His Son at an NBA Game

I DARE you to watch this without welling up. 8-year-old Logan Bledsoe thought he was competing in a halftime contest at the Phoenix Suns game, but instead he got the surprise of his life when he removed the blindfold to see his dad, a soldier who returned home from Afghanistan.


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What’s On Your Bucket List?

Everyone has a list of awesome things they want to accomplish in their lifetime. What’s on YOUR bucket list?



Preview Aerosmith and ESPN’s Beautiful Boston Marathon Tribute

The 2014 Boston Marathon is rapidly approaching, as is the one-year anniversary of the tragic Marathon bombing. We need to remember the victims that died in the events of April 15, 2013, but we should [...]


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This Father-Daughter “Let It Go” Videobomb is Just Adorable

As far as videobombs go, this has to be the best one ever done by a dad. Watch this guy’s daughter sing the “Frozen” smash hit “Let It Go” to herself in the woods, where she apparently believes she’s alone.


(Honey Maid on YouTube)

Honey Maid Responded to Hateful Comments in the Most Beautiful Way Possible [VIDEO]

Sometimes, the best way to handle negativity on social media is to embrace it and channel it back into a positive message. Honey Maid, the food company best known for its graham crackers, has done that in perhaps the best way ever seen by a brand.


(Photo: Screenshot/JJ Miller Photography/Vimeo)

#WEWILLRUN: Video Dedicated To The Boston Marathon

One of the most poignant video tributes that we’ve seen so far is a short two minute piece entitled #WEWILLRUN, released by a local videographer, JJ Miller earlier this week.


(Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images)

Watch Wil Wheaton’s Amazing Response to What It’s Like Being Called a “Nerd”

During a panel discussion at the Denver Comic-Con, a young-sounding attendee asked actor Wil Wheaton if he was ever called a “nerd” growing up and how he dealt with it. His three-minute response is filled with amazing words of wisdom.


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We Need A Little “Feel Good Friday” Every Now And Again

Hey, it’s Erin! TGIF!! I wanna know what was the last kind thing done for you? Let’s make it a feel good Friday!


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#Trending: Baby Bump Time-Lapse Video

How cool is this? Singer/songwriter Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna put together a time-lapse video of her baby bump growing throughout her pregnancy.