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Feel Good Story: Birthday Cake And Kindness Goes Viral

A quick stop into a supermarket in Michigan has turned into a viral sensation.


(Courtesy of The Walt Disney Studios)

Pediatric Nurses Perform Cute Sing-A-Long of “Frozen” With 3-Year-Old Cancer Patient

We all know that doctors and nurses are some of the most amazing people in the world, especially those who care for children. Every now and then, a group of them get together and remind the world just how great they are.


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Mom And Two Kids Steal Halloween Candy From Neighbors

Some people need a lesson in parenting… And in common decency.


(Photo: Maddie Carlson/YouTube)

Boston Children’s Hospital Patients Create “Fight Song” Viral Music Video

Maddie Carlson of Goffstown, NH and Eva Bod of Newton, MA created the viral music video as a gift to the clinic.


erin with vance joy

MixFest 2015: Vance Joy Tells Erin That He Loves Playing Boston

After playing the Charles River Esplanade for us here in Boston, he’s heading back out on the road with Taylor Swift before starting his own solo tour next year.


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Rachel Platten Plays MixFest 2015: It’s Good To Be Home

Rachel Platten is the only artist at MixFest that can safely say she stayed at her mom’s house ahead of the show on Friday night.


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Adorable Video: Dog Meets Mom Again After 4 Months

We may be chopping onions over here at the Mix 104.1 studios, or this video might be just that poignant.


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Watch This Pup Protect His Pool From The Cleaning Robot

Meet Bear, an adorable Corgi pup who has taken it upon himself to protect his family from the dangers that lurk in the backyard, particularly at the bottom of the family’s swimming pool.


(Photo: Matt Dolloff/Mix 104.1)

Kelly Clarkson On Her Baby Daughter, River Rose: “Daddy’s Worried!”

Kelly’s new baby daughter, River Rose loves the attention – especially from guys, according to Kelly.


French Bulldog puppies pose as the 2013 most popular dog breeds in the US are unveiled to the press at the American Kennel Club in New York on January 31, 2014. The top most popular breeds are in order Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Beagle and Bulldog, including French Bulldog.    AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand        (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

#Trending: French Bulldog Gets Tattled On By Best Friend

In this latest video that’s making the rounds on the web this week, a French Bulldog tries to keep a poker face when asked who tore up all the toilet paper and made a huge mess.


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