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15 - uncle jed

15 Seconds Of Fame – Uncle Jed | Latch

The incredible Sam Smith is playing a sold out show at House Of Blues Boston tonight so I figured I’d feature one of his songs on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame!  Check out Australian family band Uncle [...]

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Matthew Reid Talks With Alex Preston | On Mixfest, Idol and Ashley Jordan [Audio]

Last year at this time, a 20 year old from Mont Vernon, NH was preparing to open MixFest 2013 after winning the 15 Seconds of Fame contest. Today, Alex Preston is an old pro. After finishing Top 3 on American [...]


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MBQ: Do You Keep Anything From Your PAST RELATIONSHIPS Hidden In Your Place?

Matthew’s Burning Question: Are you holding on to any sentimental item(s) from a previous relationship? Does your significant other know or do you have them stashed away somewhere? A new survey found 56% of people still keep [...]


15 Juliette Ashby

15 Seconds Of Fame – Juliette Ashby | No Regrets

It’s a singer/songwriter from London in the 15 Seconds of Fame spotlight tonight. Check out this really cool original song from unsigned UK artist Juliette Ashby called No Regrets.  Give it a spin and tell us [...]


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MBQ: What Did Your Mom or Dad Do That Would Be Totally Unacceptable Today?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What did YOUR mom or dad do that would be totally unacceptable today?
Came across a new list of things parents used to do back in the day that would get them ARRESTED today! Your parents do any of these?


15 animal flag

15 Seconds Of Fame – Animal Flag | St. Cecilia’s

We first played Boston artist Animal Flag featuring Matt Politoski on the Mix airwaves last summer. They just release a new original song called St. Cecilia’s and we’re featuring it on tonight’s 15 Seconds Of Fame. Give it a listen and let [...]


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Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s Your Dream Perk?

Matthew’s Burning Question: “What’s Your Dream Perk?”


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Poll: What Was 2014’s Song of the Summer?

What do you think was the biggest Mix hit this summer? Take our poll!


(Demi Lovato is proud of her body now, and rightfully so - she looked amazing at the 2014 VMAs! Photo by  MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Demi Lovato Stands Up for Positive Body Image

Demi Lovato reflects on Instagram on her VMA looks over the past 4 years, and her own battles with body image.


(Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

MBQ: Tufts University Offers “Demystifying The Hipster” Class – Worst/Dumbest Class You Ever Took?

MBQ: Tufts University Offers “Demystifying The Hipster” Class – Worst/Dumbest Class You Ever Took? Grab some fair trade coffee, drop the needle on some vinyl and do your best to explain to mom and dad why [...]



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