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15 Seconds Of Fame – Kristin Moura | Once Called Home

Check out local singer/songwriter Kristin Moura from Medford, MA on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame!  Give her original song Once Called Home and tell us what you think!   More:  Kristin Moura Follow @KrizMusOfficial Follow [...]


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MBQ: Best/Worst Job You’ve Ever Had?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s the BEST and/or WORST job you’ve ever had? If only you’d paid extra attention in math class and become a mathlete . . . you’d FINALLY be hot right now. A [...]



15 Seconds Of Fame – Coasts | A Rush Of Blood

Really cool song from a band called Coasts on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame. Check out their original song called A Rush Of Blood.  Take a listen and tell us what you think!   More:  Coasts Follow [...]



15 Seconds Of Fame – Great Good Fine OK | Not Going Home

Check out an original song from new Brooklyn band Great Good Fine OK called I’m Not Going Home on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame!  Give it a spin and tell us what you think!   [...]



#BostonStrong – 15 Seconds Of Fame – Ashley Jordan | New England Tears

On this Day of Remembrance we’re featuring local artist Ashley Jordan on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame. Ashley was one of our Open For MixFest finalists and wrote a really touching song on her new [...]


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MBQ: What Do You and Your Significant Other Fight About Most?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What Do You and Your Significant Other Fight About Most? New research says one in four married couples admit that they argue over the thermostat. One person wants the AC on in [...]


15 SilenceTheCity

15 Seconds Of Fame – Silence The City | Burn

Here’s one for the head bangers. A totally original cover of Ellie Goulding‘s Burn by Silence The City on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame!  Give it a listen and tell us what you think!   [...]


Help Jill Jensen Make An Album!

15 Seconds Of Fame – Jillian Jensen | I Am Whole

15 Seconds UPDATE Edition! We first featured Jillian Jensen about two and a half years ago, and played her original song called His Song.

After appearing on X-Factor AND American Idol, Jill has launched her official Kickstarter campaign to record a new album and we’re behind her all the way!



The Good News | Grandmother Rides Rollercoaster For First Time And LOVES It [Video]

There’s enough doom, gloom, madness and mayhem out there…it’s time for a little GOOD NEWS! This is just 60 seconds of PURE HAPPY. It’s a video of an older woman riding her first roller coaster, [...]



15 Seconds Of Fame – Huxter | Call You Mine

Massachusetts boys Huxter are tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame featured artist. Check out their original song Call You Mine and tell us what you think! For a limited time, download Huxter album FREE (Special thanks to Susan [...]