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15 Seconds - Taylor Luc Jacobs

15 Seconds Of Fame – Taylor Luc Jacobs | Faded

Great song from Taylor Luc Jacobs on tonight’s 15 Seconds.

2 hours ago

15 Seconds - Sons Of Serendip

15 Seconds Of Fame – SONS OF SERENDIP | Purple Rain #Update

Another great Prince tribute tonight, this one on the local tip…


15 Seconds - Aaron Krause + Liza Anne

15 Seconds Of Fame – Aaron Krause & Liza Anne | I Would Die For You

An amazing tribute to Prince from two super talented 15 Seconds alums…


15 Seconds - Caleb Maddix

15 Seconds Of Fame – Caleb Maddix | Work Your Face Off

We’re making a little history tonight it’s our first ever non-musical 15 Seconds of Fame. Saw this kid on my Facebook over the weekend and knew I had to share it with you. Introducing 14 year old […]


15 Seconds - Keelan Donovan

15 Seconds Of Fame – Keelan Donovan | Let It Go #SHOW ALERT

Local singer Keelan Donovan is back in Boston this weekend. Show info here. And check out his new James Bay cover…


15 Seconds - Timothy Baker

15 Seconds Of Fame – Timothy Baker | Die A Happy Man

19 year old Kentucky singer Timothy Baker throws down some Thomas Rhett… #15Seconds


15 Seconds - Johan Eusoff

15 Seconds Of Fame – Johan Eusoff | All I Ask

We’re going halfway around the globe tonight for a great Adele cover from Malaysia!


15 Seconds - Marcus Patrick

15 Seconds Of Fame – Marcus Patrick | Die A Happy Man

Cool R&B twist on the Thomas Rhett song Die A Happy Man on tonight’s #15Seconds


15 Seconds - Alec MacGillivray

15 Seconds Of Fame – Alec MacGillivray | Lonely

Boston singer/songwriter Alec MacGillivray in the spotlight tonight!


15 Seconds - Emily Desmond

15 Seconds Of Fame | Emily Desmond #Update

Open Mixfest 2015 Winner Emily Desmond from Lowell, MA is BACK with a new EP – Commencement!


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