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Science Says: Drink Coffee, Live Longer

As a hardcore coffee addict, this totally made my day. A new report from Authority Nutrition cites several major studies that say the more coffee we drink, the longer we’ll live. “Coffee, believe it or not, […]

18 hours ago

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Patriots Fan Video To Get You Pumped For The Super Bowl!

Came across an awesome fan video to get you pumped up for Super Bowl XLIX. Great Patriots highlights and our friends Fall Out Boy = Awesome! And, after all the hype, press conferences, deflategate and […]

22 hours ago

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MBQ: Do You Buy Valentine’s Day Presents For Your Pet?

A new study says 21% of Americans are planning on buying a Valentine’s Day present for THEIR PET! In fact, of the 20 BILLION dollars we’ll spend on roses, chocolate and other miscellaneous trinkets for […]


15 Seconds - Landon Austin

15 Seconds Of Fame – Landon Austin | Fix You #TBT

It’s another Throwback Thursday edition of 15 Seconds of Fame! Originally from Dallas and now calling Nashville home, Landon Austin is our featured artist tonight. Recorded this past summer, here’s Landon’s take on the Coldplay classic Fix […]


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MBQ: What’s YOUR Blizzard Of 2015 Story?

It’s been a crazy couple of days in New England. We’ve heard stories of a Yeti walking around Boston, people being stuck at work in grocery stores, doctors skiing to work, babies being born, harrowing tales […]


15 Seconds Anthem Lights Katy Superbowl 49 Parody

15 Seconds Of Fame | Awesome Katy Perry Superbowl XLIX Parody

Last year, we introduced you to Anthem Lights and we’ve got a really cool update edition of 15 Seconds of Fame for you tonight. It’s a Superbowl XLIX themed mashup parody of a bunch of songs from SB49 […]


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22 Crazy Superbowl Prop Bets You Can Make #MBQ: Pick One

Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s your favorite weird Superbowl bet? PICK ONE and CALL IT for bragging rights! So, the BIG GAME is coming up Sunday and, finally, we’re talking about FOOTBALL again! Not footballs. One of the […]


Patriots Bible

Patriots Haters Are Hypocrites: The Bible Proves It

Wait, I’m not really going to cite the Holy Bible to make a point in this Deflategate debacle, am I? Actually, I am. There’s a scene in John 8, where a bunch of arrogant religious leaders […]


Julian Edelman Video CBS Grab

Julian Edleman Takes It Old School In New Video

Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman interjected some fun into an otherwise bleak week around New England with the release of a new video. After five days of feeling anything but love from the Haters around […]


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Karson Channels Belichick: It’s Like He’s Psychic

Reporters from all over the world could’ve saved the money they spent on airfare, hotel and incidentals to be at Gillette Stadium in person, if they had just heard this promo.



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