Listen To Our Call With Andy Grammer!We are so excited to have Andy Grammer play at our MixFest next week, and we are even inducting him into a special group of performers there.
Mix Listener Who Sold TMZ A Taylor Swift Video Calls UsTaylor Swift was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding this weekend, but she ignored her fans who showed up to the church in the process.
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Must Love DogsOne of the lies this dude had to tell his mom was that he gave away her DOG.
That Tumultuous Thing Known As CollegeCollege is a time of discovery, freedom, exploration, and, of course, makin' babies, just like Producer Mike did!
Salt's Girlfriend Got A Job Makin' More Money Than He Does!Salt's girlfriend has been unemployed this summer waiting for that one right job, but it was worth the wait! Find out what Salt thinks about the situation.
Karson Bites His Nails, And Now Barrett Does Too Barrett's picked up on a particular bad habit of Karson's: biting his own nails. Even though Karson has told him not to, Barrett's been learning by example.
Would You Pay $100 To Let Your Kid Cut The Lunch Line?Something about kids knowing they're better off because they can "afford" to cut the lunch line just doesn't feel right.
Creepy Grocer Slips Love Note In Woman's BagYou will NOT believe this caller's story about a creepy grocer slipping his number into her reusable grocery bag.
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Vegas Is A Den Of SinYour mom hates Vegas, and you tell her you're going to start dating a stripper there while becoming a professional poker player.
Dirty Dog Kisses: Yay or Nay?Dogs are angels from heaven, but you can't deny they may have just been licking their pickle ten minutes before putting their tongue down your throat.
You're Fired... And You Haven't Even Worked Yet!The Mooch only made it ten days as communications director, how about our Mix listeners?
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: The Poop HouseWhat would you do if your kid called you saying the septic tank had overflowed?

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