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15 Seconds Of Fame – Vedo | The Worst

Tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame featured artist is a singer from Benton Harbor, MI named Vedo. Check out his cover of Jhené Aiko’s song The Worst and tell us what you think! More:  Vedo Follow @VedoTheSinger Follow @matthewreid Follow @mix1041 […]

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15 Seconds Of Fame – Juliana Tucker | Lucky

She’s a student at Emerson College here in Boston and she is our 15 Seconds of Fame featured artist tonight! Check out Juliana Tucker singing a song called Lucky and tell us what you think! Also, take a listen to […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – The Weekend Riot | Shake It Off

Two buddies from Philadelphia that are having some fun on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame. Check out The Weekend Riot cover of Taylor Swift‘s Shake It Off and tell us what you think! And you’ve gotta check out […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Andie Case | Rixton / Matchbox Twenty Mashup [Update Edition]

This Spring, we featured Andie Case on 15 Seconds of Fame and we’ve got an UPDATE edition for you tonight. Andie’s gone VIRAL! This video went from about 10k views to 500,000 in 24 hours! This may be […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Jordan JAE | Makin’ Me Crazy

UPDATE: Congrats to Jordan Jae – this week’s MOST CLICKED featured artist! Got an original song from NYC native, Jordan JAE. Check out Makin’ Me Crazy and let us know what you think! Also, check out her […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Brighter At Night | Class Confidence

It’s an original song from unsigned Aussie band Brighter At Night on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame. Take a listen to Class Confidence and tell us what you think! More:  Brighter At Night Follow @brighteratnight Follow @matthewreid Follow […]


15 - crystalyne

15 Seconds Of Fame – Crystalyne | 6 In The Morning

Check out Toronto band Crystalyne on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame. Check out their original song 6 In The Morning and tell us what you think!   and here’s their cover of Paramore‘s Ain’t It Fun: More:  Crystalyne Follow […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Derran Day | Visual

Check out Atlanta singer/songwriter Derran Day on tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame. Take a listen to his original song called Visual and tell us what you think! More:  Darren Day Follow @DerranDay Follow @matthewreid Follow @mix1041 Discover […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Jill Jensen | UPDATE

It’s a 15 Seconds UPDATE Edition tonight! We first featured hometown girl Jillian Jensen about two and a half years ago, and played her original song His Song for you. A lot has happened since. […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Aaron Perry | Free Fallin’ [Update Edition]

We’ve got an UPDATE Edition of 15 Seconds of Fame tonight. We’re celebrating Open MixFest finalist Aaron Perry‘s brother Micah and his group Sons Of Serendip making it into the America’s Got Talent Finale tonight! (Watch on NBC at 9:00pm […]




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