Karson Chats With Kindergartners!Mrs. McGuire's Room 8 kindergarten class at The Center School in Abbington invited Karson over yesterday to present him with a check for Karson & Kennedy's Cool Kids.
Salt Talked To Some Interesting Folks at Boston CallingMost of whom were on some sort mind altering substance. And luckily he brought back audio for us!
Karson's Bird InfestationA few weeks ago Karson shared that he had a bird infestation in his attic, Β but he came home to a full blown meltdown yesterday.
Salt: The Brains Behind a DocumentaryWould you trust Salt as your voice coach?
Karson, Kennedy & Salt Hit The Streets For The Patriots Parade!Karson, Kennedy & Salt spent the day yesterday down at Whiskey's on Boylston St. for the Patriots Parade & ran into some very interesting fans.
Kristin Drops Everything and Moves to Italy!Imagine just dropping everything and moving to to your dream country in only one week?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Michelle From BurlingtonCan Michelle beat Kennedy?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Study BreakKeisha's boyfriend Reggie has been studying hard and hitting the books. Is he furthering his education, or educating a lady?
Break Up Before College?Our callerΒ has been with her boyfriend since sophomore year of high school, and she's not sure if she should break up with him before college.
War of the Roses Marathon: The M Night Shalaman TwistToday Alli wants us to call her husband Marc, because she thinks he might be cheating. But will we be the ones who get cheated on?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Mary From KingstonCan Mary beat Kennedy?
Kennedy Had An Accident While Cutting Red Peppers!Uh oh!

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