The Internet Went Crazy Over Something Chrissy Tiegen Did AgainShe and her husband John Legend went out to dinner and everyone freaked out because they weren't home with their one week old child.
Welcome To The World!The suspense is over! We heard that Gregg Daniels and his wife headed to the hospital this morning. And just after 3:00 this afternoon we got a call that Gregg and Dinara are the proud parents of a healthy ...boy or girl?! Listen to hear the news!
Afternoon Drive: Baby Test RunGregg Daniels' wife, Dinara is due any day now with Baby #2, so of course Uncle Fred wants to make sure Papa Gregg is ready for anything when the time comes.
War Of The Roses He's Having A BabyBridget thinks her boyfriend Cody's ex wife is trying to move in on her man, but we find out that she might already be in the house.
Add Karson and Kennedy to Your Group Text!There's a feel good story coming out of Florida about 19 year old man who was accidentally added to a group text about a woman having a baby.
Would You Pick The Gender Of Your Baby?Chrissy Teigen and John Legend did, and now they're receiving backlash for it.
Baby Mama Drama! (Or Aunt)Erin O'Malley is having some major drama regarding the baby shower she is planning for her sister.
Salt's Friend Is Not Prepared To Have a BabyWait, diapers come in different sizes?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nina From MaldenCan Nina beat Kennedy?
Gregg Daniels & His Wife Dinara - Could It Be Baby #2?
Would You Have Spoken Up In This Situation?What would you do if you saw a very pregnant woman drinking beer?
MBQ | What Should Arnold's "Apprentice" Catch Phrase Be?

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