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Gregg Daniels’ Daughter Kaia Knows Her ABCs!

Gregg Daniels and his wife, Dinara were teaching their 19 month old daughter, Kaia the alphabet song. Amanda thinks it sounds like “The Exorcist.” Gregg and Freddy think it’s passionate.


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Dirty on the 30 – Miley Cyrus’ Tongue Coming To A TV Near You

Miley is coming to prime time, Rob Gronks on the run, and Kelly Clarkson wins Twitter.


Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 31, 2014

Dirty on the 30 – The Kardashians Keep Multiplying

There will be another Kardashian, Justin acts like a man – for once, and Gwyneth jumps on the crazy train…


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A Kardashian Sister Is Preggers! Can You Guess Which One?

We’ll give you a hint…her name starts with a K.


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Something Old, Something New…born?

How far would you go to include your baby in your wedding? Would you have her dragged along the back of the bride’s train?

Mix 104.1–06/03/2014


Can’t Beat Kennedy: Courtney From Winchester

Can Courtney from Winchester beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–05/29/2014


Can’t Beat Kennedy: Cheryl From Derry

Can Cheryl from Derry beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–05/22/2014

Kiev, UKRAINE:  A man holds the pacifier in his mouth as he nurses his baby inside the car in downtown Kiev 13 July 2005. (AFP PHOTO / SERGEI SUPINSKY)

A Baby Is Left Alone In An Idling Car: What Would You Do?

Producer Mike presented Karson, Kennedy and Salt with a rather frighting scenario this morning. Over at the post office in Pepperell, Mike witnessed a woman leave her baby in her unlocked, running car as she […]

Mix 104.1–03/28/2014

US singer Katy Perry (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Add “Helping Deliver A Baby” To Katy Perry’s List Of Accomplishments

Katy Perry has many talents, who knew delivering babies in living rooms was one of them?

Mix 104.1–02/27/2014


Wicked Wake Up Call: Baby Names

Jamie gets a call from Alicia Love to let her know there were too many baby’s named Jacob born last month, and she needs to find a new name for him!

Mix 104.1–02/18/2014