Salt's Friend Is Not Prepared To Have a BabyWait, diapers come in different sizes?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nina From MaldenCan Nina beat Kennedy?
Gregg Daniels & His Wife Dinara - Could It Be Baby #2?
Would You Have Spoken Up In This Situation?What would you do if you saw a very pregnant woman drinking beer?
MBQ | What Should Arnold's "Apprentice" Catch Phrase Be?
Why Is This Mom's Photo Turning The Internet Upside Down?A mom seemingly running while pushing a stroller in a bikini is causing major upset among (mostly) moms on the internet. Check out the photo and hear Karson and Kennedy's opinion here!
#Trending: Baby's Reaction To Seeing Parents For The First Time"Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her," Piper's mom, Jessica Sinclair writes in the video post. "Her reaction melts my heart."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Lisa From LunenburgCan Lisa beat Kennedy?
Wicked Wake Up Call: Baby BlunderAdriane just had a baby and Alicia Love gives her a call from the hospital accusing her of stealing the hospitals receiving blankets.
Would You Let Your Mother-In-Law In The Delivery Room?Veronica is 8 months pregnant and her mother-in-law wants to be in the delivery room for the birth.
Wicked Wake Up Call: No Outside Food!Marcella is one of those people who brings outside food into restaurants and Alicia Love isn't having any of it.
Dirty on the 30 - And We Will Name It East....Kimye are expecting baby #2, Bruce Jenner is rumored to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair, and just as you expected, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have NOT done "it".

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