Kiev, UKRAINE:  A man holds the pacifier in his mouth as he nurses his baby inside the car in downtown Kiev 13 July 2005. (AFP PHOTO / SERGEI SUPINSKY)

A Baby Is Left Alone In An Idling Car: What Would You Do?

Producer Mike presented Karson, Kennedy and Salt with a rather frighting scenario this morning. Over at the post office in Pepperell, Mike witnessed a woman leave her baby in her unlocked, running car as she […]

Mix 104.1–03/28/2014

US singer Katy Perry (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Add “Helping Deliver A Baby” To Katy Perry’s List Of Accomplishments

Katy Perry has many talents, who knew delivering babies in living rooms was one of them?

Mix 104.1–02/27/2014


Wicked Wake Up Call: Baby Names

Jamie gets a call from Alicia Love to let her know there were too many baby’s named Jacob born last month, and she needs to find a new name for him!

Mix 104.1–02/18/2014

(Rich Polk/Getty Images for cinema prive)

Gwen Stefani Joins Instagram to Announce Big Baby News

Gwen Stefani has been keeping mum about her baby bump, that is until now.


Photo: @giseleofficial on Instagram

Gisele Bündchen Drives An ATV, Baby In Arms

Gisele put a picture up yesterday of her in an atv, driving around with her baby. We talk to some listeners who tell us how they feel about this, and what parenting is really all about.

Mix 104.1–01/14/2014

Pregnancy Test Mystery: Who’s Coming Up Positive?

One of the main three on the show has a positive pregnancy test, but we don’t want to say who it is, so we all spend 30 seconds and say how our lives will change with the new addition to the family.

Mix 104.1–12/10/2013


Salt Is On The “Do Not Date” List

Salt was talking to Karalyn’s sister for a while, and she said, “I don’t know why my sister said not to date you”.

Mix 104.1–11/19/2013


15 Seconds Of Fame – The Fever [U.S. Marines in Afghanistan] “Baby”

Here we go with our 15 Seconds of Fame - Veteran’s Day Edition – Part One! Live from Afghanistan, Matthew Thorson and fellow United States Marines James Randall and Danny Brickles put together a pretty awesome […]


(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Simon Cowell Won’t Be In The Delivery Room: Is That Normal?

Shouldn’t the man be in the delivery room for moral support and comfort? Or is the delivery room for the doctors, mother and child only?

Mix 104.1–09/25/2013

(Mix104.1 Staff)

Guess What Barrett Said? Leap Pad Edition

Salt, Kennedy and Karson try to decipher Barrett’s response about his new headphones, they all make out different phrases from his answer as he is still learning how to pronounce certain words.

Mix 104.1–09/18/2013