Barrett's Wall Scribbles: Part 2Uh Oh... I would not want to be Karson's son, Barrett right now because Lana is furious that he wrote on the walls... AGAIN!
Mimi Responds To Karson's Awkward DreamHe won't be hearing the end of this one.
What Did Barrett Say: Easter EditionDoes Karson's son Barrett really know the true meaning of Easter?
Mimi Let Barrett Watch Inappropriate TVDid Karson "put his foot down"?
Parenting Update: Karson Caved!Barrett got a yellow card at school last Friday for misbehaving, so Karson and his wife Lana punished him by taking away all of his sports practice privileges and making him write lines instead.
Did Karson Go Overboard in Punishing Barrett This Weekend?Even Barrett's teacher thinks he may have went too far!
How Much Is Barrett’s Brain Worth?It turns out a helmet alone costs an enormous chunk of change.
Karson & Kennedy: Roadtrip of ErrandsGot advice for Karson and his hectic life these days?
What Will Barrett's Accent Be?Karson's wife Lana caught her mom trying to teach Barrett to have a southern accent.
Barrett's Wall ScribblesWhat would you do if your child wrote all over the walls?
Karson Needs A Man CaveKarson's wife Lana sold her gift store business, so now she and her mother are going to be home A LOT more.
Family Feud: Who Did Karson Take To The Celtics Game?Karson decided to play a little prank on his wife Lana and son Barrett when he told them he only had one other ticket to the Celtics game.

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