Karson Bites His Nails, And Now Barrett Does Too Barrett's picked up on a particular bad habit of Karson's: biting his own nails. Even though Karson has told him not to, Barrett's been learning by example.
Karson Went To Tom Brady's G.O.A.T. Birthday PartyWhen THE Tom Brady turns 40, what happens? People fly in from all over the country to celebrate his birthday!
What Did Barrett Say: Man Of The House EditionWhat does it mean when Barrett becomes the man of the house?
What Did Barrett Say? Going to 1st Grade.Is he going to be okay after he graduates from Kindergarten?
Barrett's Question for KennedyBarrett wanted to call in to ask Kennedy a question. Can she help him learn a song for his graduation?
Karson Puts His Foot Down: The Celtics EditionKarson was fortunate enough to get Celtics tickets for last night's game & decided to bring his wife Lana.
Barrett's Wall Scribbles: Part 2Uh Oh... I would not want to be Karson's son, Barrett right now because Lana is furious that he wrote on the walls... AGAIN!
Mimi Responds To Karson's Awkward DreamHe won't be hearing the end of this one.
What Did Barrett Say: Easter EditionDoes Karson's son Barrett really know the true meaning of Easter?
Mimi Let Barrett Watch Inappropriate TVDid Karson "put his foot down"?
Parenting Update: Karson Caved!Barrett got a yellow card at school last Friday for misbehaving, so Karson and his wife Lana punished him by taking away all of his sports practice privileges and making him write lines instead.
Did Karson Go Overboard in Punishing Barrett This Weekend?Even Barrett's teacher thinks he may have went too far!

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