Family Feud: Who Did Karson Take To The Celtics Game?Karson decided to play a little prank on his wife Lana and son Barrett when he told them he only had one other ticket to the Celtics game.
Karson & Kennedy: The Basketball DropoutDo we have to raise Karson's jersey to the rafters when it comes to basketball?
What Did Barrett Say to Alexa?Is this new friendship too much?
Karson Caves... AgainThe other night Karson "put his foot down" with Barrett and laid down a punishment & then reneged on the entire thing leaving Lana to deal with it!
Is Karson Going Vegan?Should he start looking up tofu recipes or will this meat-lover put his foot down?
Overheard On The PlaygroundKarson was at the playground with Barrett when he overheard a conversation one of the moms was having.
Is Karson Having Another Kid?Is Lana trying to tell Karson something?
Barrett's Thanksgiving ConfessionalThanksgiving was full of surprises for Barrett, who was hopped up on cold medicine.
Karson May Start Cyber ParentingIs it too early for him to start "cyber parenting" Barrett?
Does Your Kid Bring Lunch To School Or Buy It There?Karson's wife Lana found out that their son Barrett has been sneaking extra snacks from home to school because he isn't a fan of the food at Kindergarten.
Karson Had To Change Barrett's Halloween CostumeBecause Karson doesn't think it's appropriate anymore.
What Did Barrett Say: The Two Girlfriends EditionIn a brand new edition of What Did Barrett Say, Karson finds out that his son has not one, but TWO girls crushing on him from Kindergarten!

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