SPORTS! With Kennedy: The Bruins vs. The CelticsWant to know what’s going on in the world of sports without all the boring sports rhetoric?
The Super Sports Update With KennedyKinda like the Dirty on the 30, but all about SPORTS!
The Bracket of Life: Final FourWho will win in the face off between puppies and Mexican food and the battle between Summer and pizza?
Family Feud: Who Did Karson Take To The Celtics Game?Karson decided to play a little prank on his wife Lana and son Barrett when he told them he only had one other ticket to the Celtics game.
Karson & Kennedy: The Basketball DropoutDo we have to raise Karson's jersey to the rafters when it comes to basketball?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Heather from CohassetCan Heather beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tiffany From AshlandCan Tiffany beat Kennedy?
A Girls Basketball Team Was Banned From The League For Being Too GoodOther teams didn't want to play them because they were "too good".
Celtics Player Jared Sullinger Chats With Karson and Kennedy Karson, Kennedy and Salt chat with Jared Sullinger about his upcoming coat drive on January 28th!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nancy From Milford, NHCan Nancy beat Kennedy?
Celtics Star Jared Sullinger Calls In to Talk About His Summer Basketball CampCeltics Star Jared Sullinger called into K&K to talk about his 2015 basketball camp!
Karson Can't Play Basketball And It's Very Very FunnyListen as Karson's teammates critique his game. Priceless.

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